Whole of Life (Triple Bottom Line)

Whole of Life (Triple Bottom Line)

Whole of Life is a technique deployed to optimise the performance of assets across environmental, social and economic indicators. The analysis  models capital and operational costs alongside environmental impacts and social risks to identify opportunities for cost-effective improvement.

Your Needs

It can be implemented during the design and planning process to support value engineering and design decision-making. It can also be used to benchmark existing assets and portfolios to form improvement targets and design guidelines. Key benefits of Whole of Life (triple bottom line) analysis:

  • Delivers lower costs/higher yields over asset life cycle
  • Identifies what an optimised asset looks like, and how far to take sustainability initiatives without under/over-capitalising
  • Benchmarks assets against each other – portfolio view
  • Provides triple bottom line transparency to inform decision-making
  • Facilitates reporting on environmental impacts and social risks
  • Identifies major supply chain risks
  • Earns points in the new Green Star Innovation Challenges
  • Earns points in the ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability rating tool
  • Earns points in the new LEED v4 Supply Chain credits

Our Service Offerings

The analysis is used to gain transparency on whole of life costs, environmental impacts and social risks all in one view. In essence, triple bottom line reporting against assets to enable visibility of hotspots so that optimisation strategies can be pursued.

We apply the Life Cycle Costing Standard (T MU AM 01001 ST), the Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Standard (ISO 14044) and internationally accepted guidance on Social Return on Investment and Social-LCA.

Our best practice model requires specialist software (e.g. SIMAPRO, Global social hotspot database, Global LCA building products databases) and financial skills to implement the analysis. Our analysis also includes sensitivity analysis to ensure accurate forecasting.


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