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To survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and accountable operating environment, organisations need to understand the environmental and social aspects of their business and have the right strategy in place to ensure that they are resilient to changes.

Edge understands this and sustainability is our business.

Our skills and experience can help organisations put in place the right strategy to measure and manage the material impacts. Experience has shown us that for most organisations this will involve engaging the procurement function and the organisations supply chains as the majority of their environmental and social impacts typically sit in the supply chain.

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Your Needs

Sustainability is moving quickly and organisations need to invest in their ability to respond to the risks and opportunities made available through policy change, market development and changing social expectations.

Edge works across most sectors and markets and understands the challenges that organisations face which include:

  • Regulatory compliance and risk management;
  • Resource efficiency and energy management;
  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain management;
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience;
  • Whole of life asset optimisation;
  • Environmental management;
  • Waste management and the circular economy;
  • Effective stakeholder communication and reporting
  • Social value optimisation.

Edge Offering

At the core of our solution are tools, expertise and methods that efficiently measure environmental and social impacts throughout supply chains. Edge applies life cycle thinking and measurement across all of its projects which is based on sound science.  Our life cycle analysis capability supports materiality assessments and can be deployed to identify hotspots across your supply chain. This measurement is critical to establishing strategies, policies and processes that achieve align with your organisations drivers.

Services include:

  • Strategy definition, target setting and key performance indicators
  • Materiality studies at the organisation, program and project level
  • Sustainable procurement strategy and implementation including ISO20400 standard expertise
  • Whole of life analysis across economic, environmental and social indicators
  • Supply chain engagement and optimisation
  • Sustainability reporting and performance monitoring


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