Research, Policy & Tool Development


Edge Environment recognise that sustainability challenges are industry and organisation specific. Our tailored research, policy and tool development services provide clients with the information, analysis, bespoke tools and policy recommendations to support more sustainable outcomes. Edge Environment also has an ongoing internal research program that supports our consulting service by developing knowledge and driving innovation.

Your Needs

We will help you develop sustainability solutions that are specific to the challenges of your organisation and industry. Your needs may include:

  • Market Research to underpin strategy and policy development
  • Stakeholder Engagement to inform Policy Development
  • Tools and processes to streamline sustainability decision making
  • Information and industry benchmarking to focus policy development or strategy
  • Conversion of complex sustainability issues in to simple and easy to communicate formats
  • Synthesis and analysis of literature

Edge Offering

Edge Environment has a unique combination of technical expertise, research capability and industry experience to ensure that we can tailor solutions to your needs. Our focus is on developing science based and cost effective tools, policy advice, strategies and training materials.

All of our research and tool development are created with the intent of reducing the time and cost associated with implementing our services. Examples of services that have been tailored to clients needs include:

  • A tool to measure the resilience of houses to extreme weather events in collaboration with the insurance industry
  • Conversion of technical content in to a short animated film for use in marketing purposes
  • Research in to policy gaps for extreme heat and bushfire within the NSW housing market
  • Market reports to inform policy direction for energy efficiency in the Australian building products market for the Federal government

Edge Environment is also qualified to a number of government panels that recognise our expertise in policy development including Federal Government panels for Energy Efficiency, Research and Analysis and Environmental Quality. We are also registered and approved providers for NSW Government Tenders and the Local Government Procurement Panel.


Energy Efficient buildings research and advice, contributing to National policy and regulations. Projects include establishing archetypes for residential housing energy efficiency measures and market research for energy efficient window systems.
Research and Analysis of solutions relating to waste including alternative processing methods, industrial ecology, product stewardship and improved production and consumption leading to better social, environmental and economic outcomes.
Implementation of the ICA’s resilience program; developing information, tools and implementing projects to contribute to a more resilient built environment.
Delivery of a project to address adaptation to climate change. Conducted research to underpin the development of Council Development Control Plans to support the growth of Ballina into its aspirational future as a major regional centre.
Research and development of information to be provided to homeowners through the “Harden Up” website, guiding the adaptation of individual homes to be more resilient to increased frequency and intensity of natural hazard events.

Project Experience


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