Environmental Product Declarations


A third party verified ISO compliant environmental label is the gold standard to communicate your product or service’s environmental credentials to the market. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs – ISO 14025 and EN15804) are often described as an environmental ‘nutrition label’ or a summary report of a Life Cycle Assessment. EPDs don’t say if the product or service has higher or lower environmental impact than its competitors, they only state environmental impacts and are therefore available to everyone regardless of your performance.

Products carrying EPDs are rewarded in green building rating tools (e.g. Green Star) and in procurement and design guidelines.

Your Needs

Leading organisations today are expected to understand and be able to communicate their environmental credentials. Businesses, governments and consumers require transparency and information they can trust. Green wash is no longer an option.

With the right ISO compliant third party certification, you can be assured you have the full picture to understand and improve your footprint as well as the full set of credentials for your customers.

Edge Offering

Edge offers ISO compliant life cycle assessment and EPD services across all sectors of the economy. We work with leading clients in Australia and internationally to measure, improve and communicate their life cycle sustainability profile. Our EPD services include:

  • Training and support to develop the business case for environmental labelling;
  • Develop ISO 14040 & 14044 compliant life cycle assessments to underpin the EPDs;
  • Develop EPD reports for public disclosure and communication;
  • Verification of life cycle assessments and EPDs developed by other organisations (Edge staff are approved EPD verifiers with the Australasian and International EPD programmes); and
  • Development of product category rules (PCRs).


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