Industrial Ecology


Industrial Ecology mirrors the circular and systemic efficiencies observed in nature, where systems operate in continuous and perpetual loops.

It’s organisational application strives toward this circular approach and zero waste as an ideal, although works more practically to reduce, re-purpose and re-introduce the byproducts of industry into practical products.

Industrial Ecology projects can occur internally to organisations, in bi-lateral agreement with a complementary organisation or collectively among groups of organisations.

An IE approach minimises or even reverses an organisations environmental impact, whilst simultaneously realising significant commercial benefits (additional sales, reduced costs, job creation etc.).

Your Needs

Embracing industrial ecology promotes the ongoing prosperity of a business through pioneering (often cross-sectoral) means of collaboration and innovation.

  • In many cases, an immediate waste problem can be transformed into a new opportunity for cost reduction, or even a new revenue stream. Industrial Ecology taps into the continued innovation in materials to deliver practical, bespoke and cost-effective waste solutions.
  • An adoption of the principles of Industrial Ecology themselves can generate a more robust forward facing company, reputation, visibility and revenue earning potential.

Edge Offering

Edge Environment staff specialise in acting as the catalysts for transforming businesses to new, resource productive modes of operation. Our Industrial Ecology facilitators have developed a depth of corporate, technical, economic, and regulatory knowledge, translating to an ability to assist across all sectors of the economy. Strong connections across industry, government and academia make Edge experts in the delivery of:

  • Site auditing and resource data-gathering processes
  • Resource-mapping services, innovation sourcing and international solution scanning
  • Project feasibility analysis (economic and environmental)
  • Policy and sustainable strategy development for industrial ecology and the circular economy


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