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Historically, minimising the consumption of resources and targeting energy, waste and water has been the key driver in the development of sustainable buildings & infrastructure.  The market has now moved towards a greater degree of sophistication and standards such as Green Star, ISCA and LEED are driving new benchmarks in construction design and delivery excellence.  Projects are now evaluating the life cycle of buildings and infrastructure assets from a triple-bottom line perspective – Economically, Environmentally and Socially. The construction and infrastructure markets are also now more competitive with new international players entering the market.  Clients and projects are therefore demanding higher standards in sustainable performance and measurement.

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Your Needs

Your needs may vary from strategy development, through to requiring an energy model or an environmental rating for a building or infrastructure asset.   You may need support for your organisation or advisory/technical input for a specific project or program.  We have experience working at all levels – Organisational, Programs, and Projects. Our team brings international experience gained in the UK, Europe, South America, Asia and Australasia.

Edge Offering

Edge Environment has extensive experience in the construction, building product and infrastructure markets.  Our experience and service offering covers all aspects of sustainability – from strategy development to technical work and from design stages through to delivery. We pride ourselves on offering cost effective and practical solutions to suit your business needs including:

  • Sustainability bid strategy and winning work
  • Strategy development including business cases and sustainable procurement
  • Sustainability management planning and delivery
  • Implementation of your chosen environmental rating tool and ESD support.
  • Modelling to achieve specific credits in environmental rating tools (life cycle assessment, climate change risk assessments etc)
  • Prioritisation and implementation of sustainability initiatives into design & construction
  • Triple bottom line modelling across the life cycle (includes life cycle costing) of whole developments and precincts to optimise assets
  • Social return on investment and social risk measurement
  • Energy audits and modelling
  • Resource management including waste management and audits
  • Due diligence on assets


Sustainability strategy, target development utilising LCA as part of the materiality study for the strategy. Green Star LCA analysis to support major developments including the Chadstone 38 shopping centre.
Green Star LCA and whole of life analysis against major developments including the Ponds project.
Sustainability management and ISCA support for major bids including NorthConnex and the Brisbane – GUN project. Sustainable procurement and technical works support including low-carbon energy, key materials modelling, and ISCA base-lining. Sustainability training and support across delivery project teams.

Project Experience


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