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About 300 Stories

Edge Environment is funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority, to engage 300 businesses on the Northern Beaches to divert 1200 tonnes of waste from landfill. Last year Edge successfully worked with 200 businesses to divert 600 tonnes of waste off the Northern Beaches. Over the next 18 months Edge will be working with another 100 local businesses to divert a further 600 tonnes of waste from landfill.

300Stories_LogoHRDid you know that NSW businesses send more than 2.5 million tonnes of waste to landfill each year, of which more than 70% can be recycled?  At current rates, Sydney’s landfill sites are expected to be full within 5 years. Each time your general waste bin is emptied, landfill space in NSW becomes scarcer.

The cost of disposing waste to landfill in NSW is expected to increase by up to 50% within the next 4 years.  This means a similar increase in the cost of your general waste disposal bills.

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycling More initiative funded from the waste levy.

 Meet our 300 businesses and read their stories

Edge Environment is implementing 300 free waste assessment for businesses on the Northern Beaches

  • Implementation of a waste action plan
  • Negotiation with waste service providers
  • Applications for NSW EPA small scale infrastructure rebates
  • A follow up audit to track progress and resolve the outcomes of the waste action plan implementation.

Reducing waste is good for business – it can reduce costs, save time, build staff morale and enhance your corporate reputation. Generating less waste also saves valuable water, energy and raw materials. Reducing waste sent to landfill has environmental and economic benefits for the whole community.


However, the source separated recyclables (plastic, glass, cardboard and paper) collected by your waste service provider are valuable and re-useable resources able to be transformed into newspapers, egg cartons, cereal boxes, road base or the lid on your morning coffee.  Because the recyclables collected from your business are sold to create these products, their removal is cheaper than general waste.

Recycling can make your business more profitable!


As the tourist hub on the northern side of the bridge, 200 Stories naturally has an emphasis on the cafes and restaurants that make the area so popular.   Believe it or not, the food scraps left on plates and food waste from preparation can be used to generate green electricity and soil conditioners.  Food waste and organics collection is now available through many waste service providers and Edge Environment sees the responsible disposal of this waste as a central pillar to the project.

We are interested in developing individual and precinct based solutions with willing business and would love to hear from you!

Better Business Practice

There is a café down the road that makes a lamb shank pie I’m particularly fond of.  It pops up as the ‘Chef’s special’ from time to time and is an occasional feature on the pie rack. Confronted one morning by its unavailability, I asked if they’d sold out.  The answer was inexplicably simple.  ‘No, we just didn’t have any lamb shanks left over last night’.

This sparked a conversation and it turns out, the café owner made their ricotta from over ordered milk (they can even claim it’s home-made!), stewed the left over fruit that didn’t go into smoothness to be specialty deserts and had a range of other nifty ideas that reduced their costs as a business, put quality food on the plate and prevented them paying for the disposal of good food.

Before recycling comes reuse and some creativity here is the ultimate means of reducing the footprint of your business.  Thinking about supplier packaging, what it costs for you to dispose of it, your menu and what can be turned into a pie are all great ways to reduce waste in your business.

You can be apart of the solution by doing your part to reduce your business’ landfill contribution – join ‘200 Stories’ today and let Edge Environment share our experience to help you identify the savings your business can make.

Contact Blake Lindley at Blake.Lindley@edgeenvironment.com.au or 9438 0100 for more information.

Gabi Adolphe at gabi.adolphe@edgeenvironment.com.au or 9438 0100