Gabi Stephen
Sustainability Consultant

I primarily work in recycling and resource recovery, industrial ecology and the circular economy, waste strategy and implementation, and sustainable marketing and events. This combination of skills enables me to help businesses achieve their environmental goals and also promote this good work to raise further awareness.

My favourite projects are those that enable me to really change behaviours of people and businesses for environmental betterment. Recent projects include:

Waste Less Recycle More – 300 Stories Project is an EPA funded initiative involving 300 local businesses on the Northern Beaches. The aim is to divert 2000 tonnes of waste off the Northern Beaches in 2 years by implementing better waste and practices.

University of Sydney Green Office Tool Kit – our team developed a suite of materials, including posters, stickers and an office information booklet, that communicate the campus’ sustainable initiatives to staff and students. The Green Office Tool kit will allow staff members to build a sustainable campus by developing efficient and smart office practices that range from recycling to procurement and energy conservation.

Circular Threads Event for the Sydney Industrial Ecology Network (SIEN). Our team organised this event to stimulate the Australian textile industry to repurpose, recycle and/or remanufacture textile products. It includes product stewardship programs and information about the manufacturing of new products from post-consumer waste.

I completed a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing at Macquarie University in 2011 and furthered my studies in 2014 with a Diploma in Sustainability.

I work in sustainability because it feels good to go to work each day knowing I make real changes to people and businesses by equipping them with the knowledge to make their business practice more sustainable.

In my spare time, I like to create things from by-products and recycled materials. I source spent barley grain from our local brewery, 4Pines, to make dog treats; and also turn used coffee grinds from local cafes into soap to sell at markets on weekends. I run winter weekend snow tours to Thredbo, and surfing and eco-hiking tours on the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria.