About Edge Environment

Edge Environment is a leading consulting firm specialized in supporting companies to measure, understand and manage the environmental and social impacts of their products, services and operations.

About Us

Established in 2008, we have maintained our mission to catalyse positive environmental change with scientific integrity.

We work at the forefront of sustainability delivering pioneering work and solutions that truly provide a positive legacy. We are proud to have worked with many of the leading private and public organisations to help them achieve their sustainability goals. See our clients and our projects for more information.


Edge is a Partner of the 10YFP


Edge is a Signatory to CitySwitch:

Our Values

Consistency with our values is fundamental to achieving our mission. Edge are committed to:

  • The highest quality work and providing excellent value for our clients
  • Practical use of the best available science and knowledge
  • Creating an environment that supports, develops and values our team
  • Practicing sustainability within our own operations

Edge’s commitment to excellence is illustrated by its:

Our Memberships

Edge are corporate members or have staff membership(s) in the:

  • Australasian Environmental Product Declarations Programme Technical Advisory Group.
  • Australian Institute of Corporate Directors.
  • Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society, and participation on the Board of Directors.
  • Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School, Technical Partner.
  • Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Green Building Council Australia, including participation in the Green Star Technical Advisory Group.
  • Infrastructure Sustainability Council Australia, including participation in the Materials Working Group.